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Red Barn Farm Tour ClassesRed Barn Farm Tour Goat WalkGirl Holds Jack Russell PuppyRed Barn Farm Tour Event

Kids of all ages and adults all enjoy the kind and cute loving farm animals. Our children as babies and toddlers are taught about these and read to about these before they ever go to school. Once they go to school is when they may get to experience the Red Barn Farm Tour and its variety of animals! This is where it all begins with lots of “Hands On Experiences”! Seeing, feeling touching, even smelling and cuddling these wonderful creatures God has given us for their first time and watching their amazement is so rewarding. They will enjoy feeling and hearing all the different sounds like the squeal of a pig, the bleating of the lamb, and the sound of the roosters crowing really puts a look of joy on their faces!!

We are also owners of Snow Creek Jack Russell and always bring some Jack Russell puppies to our Red barn Tour events for children to hold and play with. It makes for a special treat because a lot of children have never even experienced holding a puppy before! The excitement it brings them after you show them how to hold these animals are beyond words!

The baby bunnies are one of the three most exciting animals for the children! The children get to see & hold these, having an opportunity to play with their big ears and feet. It is always special to watch, but is also quite educational and very rewarding for any child!

Another big highlight for all is to be able to pet the miniature horse inside the barn for it is the first time for most of the children! They get to see and feel and pet and talk to the horse up close and listening to those wonderful conversations is simply amazing!

The poultry and pigeon display is entertaining as it allows the children to see the different breeds of birds, their feathers, and different sizes & shapes of each. Every once in a while a child finds an egg lying in a chicken’s cage and it is truly a life changing event at that moment! “Mr. Farmer, I saw an egg in the pen, come see quick!” It’s so rewarding and such a joyful experience to be with them at this moment when they realize the chicken does lay the egg, it doesn’t just come from the grocery store!

Now the baby goat, we call a kid is something for all to experience! Being able to carry around and cuddle and then to play the game we call Leap Goat really pushes them to another level of joy and excitement! Leap Goat is where the children get on their hands and knees and the goat walks across the children’s backs and the teachers and even principals participate creating a moment for all ages that they will never forget!

The old steel wheel tractor we call Mr. Huey puts a different look on their faces to see up close a tractor of years past is really another interesting moment. “Mr. Farmer is that tractor real?” Yes it is. We discuss the tractor’s history and contribution to the American farm. We talk about the price of fuel and it is very hard for them to grasp that in 1937 gas was $.06 a gallon and kerosene was $.03 per gallon.

All of this just lightly touches the reasons why we have such a passion for bringing the Red Barn Farm Tour to children. We could never have imagined how rewarding it would be to share this wonderful experience with children throughout the Southeast.

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