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Russell Roy

Russell Roy is the creator of the Red Barn Farm Tour program. Russell is a native of Louisiana who began his poultry career in 1964 at the age of 5 years old with Dark Cornish Bantams. It was at this young age that he first joined the American Bantam Association. Later he attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana, earning his degree in Animal Science.

Over the course of his career Roy has bred many national champion and reserve national champion Dark Cornish Bantams, Dark Cornish Standards, Rhode Island Reds and other breeds. He has become a leading authority in the fields of cattle breeding, swine genetics, and poultry breed development. Russell uses these many years of experience to assure that the animals in The Red Barn Farm Tour are of the highest quality genetically and in the epitome of health. Russell’s 80 acre organic vegetable farm, which he was told could not be successfully developed in Louisiana, grew into the largest CSA farm in North America. However, in 2005 the vegetable farm was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Russell was devastated at the loss of his farm. It was after this event that he created the mobile education farm concept and named it the Red Barn Farm Tour.

This imaginative, entertaining, and educational project has provided Russell with the vehicle to reach out to those who mean so much to him…the children. The Red Barn Farm Tour provides every child (the barn is wheel chair accessible) a chance to see, hear, touch, learn about and fall in love with, the wonders of farm-animals.

It is a fantastic way to teach children about the wonders of farm life and to educate them about where their foods and resources actually come from. For many children this is the only chance they will ever have to experience a real farm setting, and for some, it is a real life changing event!

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